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Julie Desmarais & Associates

Be Your Own Healer 

Create Your Own Future. Follow Your Own Path.
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Be Realistic, Expect lots of Miracles!

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“Awaken the power of your

soul's potential

 - Julie Desmarais

As a Spiritual Guide, Holographic Healer & Energy Master, and Reiki Master Teacher Trainer, Julie will assist you in connecting with your Higher Self. The result is more access to joy, balance, self-esteem, truth, peace of mind, clarity, improved health, hope, realization of your inner gifts, self-love, grounding and energy.

Book A Holographic Healing Session With Julie

Julie Desmarais

Spiritual Guide

Holographic Energy Master

Reiki Master Teacher Trainer

Since 1994


Energy Field & Cord Clearing

Chakra Balancing & Energy Boost

Higher Self Connection, Animal Totems, Angels, Guides

Clearing Past Lives & Karmic Baggage

Connection to the Higher Selves of Others,
living or deceased, including precious pets

Empowerment, Encouragement, Enlightenment

Pricing as of March 1, 2023

Returning Client Session

by phone or video

 1 Hour $130.00 + HST 

 1.5 hours $175.00 + HST

Returning Client In-Person Session

 1 Hour $150.00 + HST 

 1.5 hours $195.00 + HST

New Client Consultations 

1.5 hours $225 + HST and are regularly available

by phone or video & now available in person*

Receive 15% off if you are referred!

*Julie is now travelling to Ottawa a few days a month

for in-person sessions at River House. 

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Upcoming Courses

Chakra Blessings

Join Julie as your guide in a chakra journey to experience your own personal energy system. In this chakra class, gain a greater understanding of your chakras, and learn what you can do to keep them healthy and energized.


Connect with your Higher Self and the immense potential that lies within YOU by receiving healing insights from Julie and your Higher Self in the form of Animal Totems, Symbols, Angels & Guides!

How has your energy been down lately? 

Come and learn where your energy may be stuck in your physical, mental, or emotional bodies, and clear it out!

Dates: TBA
Time: TBA

Fee: $55.00 (HST included) by e-transfer to

Location: TBA 

Sacred Truth Forgiveness Circle

Participate in a personal experience that can be defined as "life altering", in a sacred and safe space where you can allow forgiveness of yourself and others.

This healing circle is based on a Native American Healing Ceremony.  It is mostly a non-verbal process which preserves privacy and anonymity, yet has proven itself to be extremely powerful and effective in allowing people to forgive themselves and others, and to find peace and happiness within.  

Dates: TBA

Time: TBA

Fee: $45.00 (HST included).

Location: TBA


Come and discover how easy it is to awaken your healing potential, read energy, and have fun developing your intuitive gifts of seeing, feeling, hearing and knowing, while building self esteem and confidence. This program provides hands on teaching and the attunement of the body's energy centres to the Rei (Universal Life Force). Reiki is an energy force that enhances life at all levels. It can be used on yourself, family members, friends, animals and plants for greater health and well-being as well as for pain relief, stress reduction, deep relaxation and acceleration of the body's natural healing process. Take the entire program or levels I to III progressively.

Dates: TBA
Time: TBA

Location: TBA

Fee: $330.00 + HST (13%).
1/2 price for Reviewers of Reiki I with Julie Desmarais.
$50.00 off for Reviewers of Reiki I who have completed Reiki I with another Master.


Enhances Reiki Level I 100% and also turns up the volume of your healing gifts; intuition and self-confidence. Julie Desmarais & Associates teach you how to use three Buddhist symbols which represent keys to higher levels of consciousness and health. These symbols can be used for distant healing, emotional balancing, increasing energy, clearing negativity, enhancing memory and well-being, plus lots more. Julie and her team have a unique, simple and fun way of teaching these symbols and really know how to bring out the Magician in YOU!

Dates: Saturday & Sunday, April 6 & 7, 2024
Time: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, both days

Location: West End Ottawa

Fee: $350.00 + HST (13%).
1/2 price for Reviewers of Reiki II with Julie Desmarais.
$50.00 off for Reviewers of Reiki II who have completed Reiki II with another Master.

Reiki Level III for THE LIFE YOU LOVE 

Want to turn up the volume even more on your healing gifts; intuition and self-confidence, and on having the life you love? Julie & her team will introduce you to your Inner Master, who will assist you in looking at your entire life to see where mastery is strong and where mastery is missing. This class is only for those seriously interested in a higher level of self-mastery, joyful living and abundance.

Dates: Saturday & Sunday, June 8th & 9th

Time: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Location: West-End Ottawa

Fee: $400.00 + HST (13%).$25.00 off if you did Reiki II with Julie Desmarais

1/2 price for Reviewers of Reiki III with Julie Desmarais

$50.00 off for Reviewers of Reiki III who have completed Reiki III with another Master




1048 North River Road,
Ottawa, Ontario, K1K 3V4


Tel: 613 688-1717

Toll Free: 1-877-325-8543

Most weekdays between

9:30 am to 3:30 pm



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Julie Desmarais, founder of Julie Desmarais & Associates celebrated 30 years in private practice in June 2024, sharing her unique gifts of seeing into the human energy field with clients in Canada, Europe and the United States.


Her gift allows her to connect her clients to their Higher Selves and the Higher Selves of others, including the living and deceased, and precious pets. She can also access your animal totems, Angels, Guides, past lives, and offers energy field clearings and chakra balancing. 

Julie has influenced thousands of her students over the years with her delightful and creative teaching style. Many have gone on to be healers, and leaders themselves. All have been motivated and empowered, left with confidence in their own ability to follow their unique paths and create their most inspired futures.

Moved by a vision of an angel at the age of 22, Julie went on to become her own healer at 36 when her gift of vision opened during a Reiki class. This led her to follow a spiritual path which resulted in the co-founding of several healing centres, including the MacLaren Centre and the James Street Wellness Centre. She was featured in the Ottawa Citizen, Montreal Gazette, Ottawa's Regional Contact, Jen's Zen, and, on the Top 12 of the Spirited Woman Pick List, to name a few. 

She is grateful to all her clients, particularly those in the Ottawa/Toronto/Kingston community, for supporting her business over the years, and allowing her to do what she is most passionate doing...empowering and awakening your gifts! 

For more information on Julie's work, 

check out her June 2023 Mysticmag interview!


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