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Since 1994, Julie has been in full time private practice, working both locally and internationally.

She became aware of her gifts in early adulthood and followed her calling to become an Emotional Intuitive. With further opening, practice and application, her gift blossomed into her present-day practice as an international Clairvoyant Energy Master and Holographic Reiki Master.

In her private sessions, Julie’s gifts allow her to navigate the human aural energy fields and communicate directly with her client’s higher selves through connecting with animaltotems, guides, pets, past lives and deceased loved ones. She works with the client to clear emotional, mental and karmic issues to help them to heal holistically and move forward in a better balanced, stronger and self-supported manner.

In addition to her private work, she offers rich opportunities for growth in group work and classes.

In a powerful roster of classes, through which mastery can be achieved, she generously shares her knowledge in teaching a unique form of Reiki called “Holographic Usui Reiki”.

In addition to these classes, she also leads powerful Forgiveness Circles, Chakra Journeys, sacred place tours and advanced energy training.

Through every modality, Julie’s most profound passion is focused on inspiring her clients to live their authentic lives at the highest levels by becoming their own healer.

Through this gift, each can follow their own path and create a future that is everything and more than they could have believed was possible.


In 1984, I became a visionary leader in holistic healthcare by starting the Holistic Living Association of Ottawa. I began a full time healing practice in 1994. In 1996, I began creating and leading my own programs to teach Holographic Reiki and Holographic Energy Work, and then went on to create a Holographic Energy Master Certification Program. In 2003, I became the co-owner and one of the visionaries behind the James Street Wellness Centre (formally the MacLaren Centre for the Healing Arts) in Ottawa, Canada, a 4,400 square-foot wellness center. Public Forums which have featured my work include: The Ottawa Citizen, Montreal Gazette, Energy Medicine Newspaper, Energy Connection, Ottawa Public Library, Spiritual Frontiers Canada, Health Watch Magazine, CJOH's Regional Contact, Saskatchewan's Body, Mind Spirit Magazine, Consumer Health Organization of Canada's 26th Annual Convention & Exhibition 2003, Toronto's Learning Annex, The New RO, Peace Camp Canada, The Peace Program, James Street Wellness Centre, Fifth Annual Cosmic Pathways Healing Fair, CHIN 97 Radio and Voice America's 7th Wave Network and was the co-host of the 2012 Chronicles internet radio show.


Completing Reiki levels I, II and III with Julie has been a life-changing experience. Reiki training is a journey into healing, self-awareness and empowerment and Julie is with you every step of the way to provide insight, support and unconditional love. Her extraordinary warmth, sincerity and commitment to her clients are unsurpassed. She shares her gifts freely and openly so that others may achieve the confidence to share their own talents with others. Her guidance has been a tremendous gift to me and for this I will always be grateful.

Linda Parmelee

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